Step 4: Preparing for Surgery

Once we know that you qualify for surgery & your insurance company has agreed to pay for surgery, it’s time for you to get ready! We will be reviewing your medical records in detail & due to the nature of the disease it is not uncommon for other tests & consultations to be required. We will contact you if additional tests, referrals, or appointments are necessary.

While we work toward scheduling all of your appointments and finalizing details, you should take this time to start preparing for surgery. Here are several very important things that you can do to help ensure a great outcome.

  • Stop smoking. Quitting smoking will help improve your lung function & decrease post-operative breathing difficulty & pneumonia.
  • Exercise. Now is the time for you to get into the best shape possible for surgery & to start making exercise a part of your daily routine. Getting into better shape before surgery helps reduce the risks of anesthesia & promotes an easier recovery.
  • Diet. Two weeks prior to surgery all of our patients are placed on a special diet that helps promote weight loss, improves metabolism, & even makes surgery safer.
  • Establish a support system. We want you to have an excellent outcome. Our best patients have a very supportive network of friends & family to help them adjust to the many changes encountered after bariatric surgery. We encourage all of our patients to attend support group meetings, both before & after surgery.

Below you will find some helpful resources for preparing for bariatric surgery:

Walk from ObesityBariatric Surgery Center of ExcellenceObesity Action CoalitionAmerican Society For Metabolic And Bariatric Surgery