Success Stories


David - BeforeDavid - AfterDavid - BeforeDavid had a Gastric Bypass by Dr. Fuller in 2010. Before surgery David’s activities were limited by not only his weight, 330 pounds, but also by his comorbidities which included high blood pressure, sleep apnea, asthma, and acid reflux. Since surgery David has lost 133 pounds and his overall health is much improved. He is now off all of his previous medications; his sleep apnea & asthma have greatly improved. David has drastically changed his lifestyle. He feels stronger & has more energy. David is now able to exercise everyday & enjoy his life.

Karen (Mother) and Tena (Daughter)


Karen and Tina BeforeMy name is Karen. I had Gastric Bypass surgery on October 28, 2009. I did everything they told me to do before and after surgery. The 2 week liquid diet is tough but if I did it, you can too. I have lost 160 lbs and feel so much better. I have lots more energy and feel like doing whatever needs to be done. I feel better about myself and have more confidence. I have been able to get off some of my medications. Dr. Gibbs and his staff are awesome. The only regret I have is that I didn’t have surgery sooner. The photos tell the rest of the story…Good Luck!


Karen and Tina AfterHave you ever felt like just giving up and that you weren’t worth it? Well, at 32 years old and weighing 373 lbs that is how I felt, until I decided that I wanted to change and be healthy and happy. I began to research gastric bypass surgery and decided that this surgery was going to be a start to a better and healthier life for me.

I attended a seminar by Dr. Mark Gibbs. After the seminar, I prayed about my decision to have the surgery and I knew that it was the right choice for me.

I had surgery on January 20, 2010 and that day has changed my life forever. I DO NOT REGRET IT!! Since then I have lost 196lbs and now weigh 177lbs and continue to lose weight. My surgery has saved my life in so many ways. I no longer have severe sleep apnea, tiredness, depression, and acid reflux. I feel like a new woman completely. It is a blessing to be able to go into a department store and be able to buy clothes that fit and look great on me. I have just recently married a wonderful man and we are looking forward to starting a family in the next few years. I was never healthy enough before surgery to ever have thought that I would have a family. I was too overweight and would not have been able to care for a child and play with them the way a mother should.

I cannot thank Carrie, Dr. Gibbs and the office staff enough for helping me to start the journey of getting healthier. I have truly been blessed! This surgery has changed my life in so many ways that I can’t even explain.


Darlene - AfterDarlene - BeforeWhen you are that big you just shut yourself up in a room & stay there. That’s what I did, but now I feel better. I am never home because I get up & go places and do things. I joined the gym, now I go every day and I LOVE IT! I remember after surgery Shannon had to make me get up out of the bed. I did not want to then, but I am so grateful she pushed me. I am grateful I have my life back.

Darlene lost 142 pounds after Dr. Fuller performed Gastric Bypass.


Laura - AfterLaura - BeforeMy name is Laura and I am 68 years old. In August 2008, I made a life changing decision. I decided to have Lap Band surgery. I was nervous and scared and thought “why am I doing this at my age?” but went ahead and met with Dr. Gibbs. He was so kind and compassionate. He made my decision very easy. Before having this surgery, I was 300+ lbs. I was a diabetic, had asthma and had to use oxygen. I could not walk 10 feet without having to sit down and it would take me 10 minutes to catch my breath. I did not go shopping, go out to eat, or to any my grandkids’ school events. I stayed at home and watched my life pass me by. I could not move well because of my weight and health problems.

In August 2009, Dr. Gibbs performed Lap Band surgery on me. My after surgery exercise program consisted of walking around my dining room table, one time only, holding on for dear life. I progressed to using a walker and I started walking to the door and back. Next I decided to go farther and walked outside. I had to stop and rest before I could go back inside. I increased the distance slowly and kept walking every day. Eventually I could walk without the walker. The more weight I lost, the more I was able to do. I can now go shopping and walk through the stores without assistance. I currently weigh 160 lbs. I’m no longer diabetic, my asthma has improved and I no longer use oxygen. I went from taking 14 medications daily to now only taking 2. I can attend school functions, babysit my grandchildren and I completely enjoy life! I am healthy again for the first time in years.

I thank God every day for Dr. Gibbs as he helped put several years back on my life.


Jon - AfterJon - BeforeJon - BeforeI love spending time with my family. I have always wanted to ride the roller coasters and other rides with my kids when we went on vacation, but was too big to fit. I had to sit and watch my family enjoy the rides without me. I knew it was time to do something so in March 2010; I had Lap Band surgery with Dr. Fuller. I don’t regret it at all. It has changed my life. Now I can ride all of the rides with my kids. Before surgery, I would get short of breath just walking to the mailbox. Now, I can walk around the amusement parks without stopping to rest, and I also run 4-5 miles a day for exercise. I have sent many of my friends and co-workers to Dr. Fuller and will continue to recommend weight loss surgery to others.

Jon has lost 105 pounds with the Realize Band and continues to be an inspiration to all those around him.


Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words… Ellen had a Gastric Bypass by Dr. Gibbs in 2007.

Ellen - BeforeEllen - BeforeEllen - BeforeEllen - BeforeEllen - Before


Anthony - AfterBefore surgery, Anthony wore sizes 38 and 40 and weighed 262 lbs. I had sleep apnea, and had just been diagnosed with high blood pressure. It was difficult for him to sleep with the CPAP machine every night…But I knew I didn’t have a choice. I could see my health declining and I was afraid of what would happen if I didn’t make a change.

In 2008, Anthony attended one of Dr. Fuller’s bariatric seminars.

I knew going in what I needed to do to improve my health; I knew I needed Gastric Bypass surgery. Since surgery, my sleep apnea has improved so much that I no longer need the CPAP machine to help me sleep. The only medications that I have to take daily are multivitamins and calcium. My high blood pressure is gone! I feel so much better and have much more energy. I started doing something that I could never do before; I took up jogging. I now jog 3 miles a day. My clothes fit me so much better and I am now down to sizes 30-32. I would do this all over again…I have my life back!

Anthony has lost 100 pounds and has been able to keep it off.


Laura - AfterLaura - BeforeI had steadily gained weight since I was 31. I had tried every diet option available and couldn’t make them work. I would lose 10-20 lbs and then gain it all back, plus some. Thanks to my Lap Band surgery in August 2008, I have been able to lose 95 lbs and I have maintained a healthy weight for over a year. When I was at my heaviest, I would not allow my picture to be taken. But as you can see in my “before” picture I was on my way to a very unhealthy and unhappy life. I feel so much better about myself since losing the weight and as a result (of surgery) I have improved my health. The dedicated nurses, Carrie and Shannon, have been so supportive and are readily available to offer their services when you need them. I can’t praise them enough for all they have done for me. I would like to encourage anyone to learn how this surgery can change your life.

Kristy and Misty

Kristy and Misty - AfterKristy and Misty - BeforeThese 28 year old twins had severe debilitating gastroesophageal reflux disease prior to surgery. Their reflux was so bad that it prevented them from leading active lives and made it impossible for them to attend school. They both came to Dr. Fuller to discuss reflux surgery but because they were both morbidly obese, Dr. Fuller recommended gastric bypass surgery to cure the reflux and help them lose weight.

Misty states, "I had been sick my whole life. Unable to finish high school, I didn’t think I would ever have career. I graduated nursing school in June 2011. My reflux is so much better. I am able to sleep in a normal bed. One of my goals was to get down to a size 16; I am now in a size 12. I am more active and I have much more fun. Surgery has definitely changed my life. It was the best thing I have ever done."

Misty has lost 94 lbs as of March 2012.

Kristy states, "Before surgery I was so sick with acid reflux I couldn’t attend school on a regular basis. I just felt awful all the time. After surgery, I feel a lot better. The surgery helped me with my reflux and helped me get to a healthier weight. It has really improved my life. My activity level has increased and I just feel healthier. I have also just graduated from nursing school."

Kristy has lost 104 lbs since surgery. She can now walk long distances without getting out of breath which has helped her start her new nursing career.

Both of the girls have been able to greatly reduce the amount of medications they take daily.

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